The GoPro Movement

December 21, 2015 | By: Monica Christofferson

There’s a high-tech gadget that may be high on the Christmas list of many skiers this year. Are you hoping Santa will drop a GoPro, or similar camera, in your stocking this year?

The GoPro movement has hit the slopes pretty hard the last few seasons. It’s difficult to find a skier or snowboarder who isn’t sporting one of the popular high definition cameras these days. These rugged little cameras are fitted perfectly for capturing extreme sports, especially skiing and snowboarding since they are shockproof and waterproof. GoPro’s, and similar cameras, can be mounted in many different ways to capture multiple points of view; helmet, chest, ski poles, boots, even your skis provide different angles and interesting footage.

The “movement” has allowed skiers and snowboarders to record their every move on the slopes from their first-hand perspective to share with friends and family or on social media. The viewer often feels as though they are experiencing it for themselves.

These cameras have become a great tool for capturing special moments on the mountain, such as the very first run for a beginner, or mishaps such an epic bail off the ski lift. They’re also being used to create video reviews and demonstrations, since it’s much more effective to show someone how to do something or why something is great, than to tell them.

GoPro’s have really made a mark in the skiing industry due to their ability to display one’s passion for the sport; Expressing what we love most about being on the mountain in a way that words just don’t do justice. Which bring us to our video challenge:

How do you #SkiNewMexico?

We want to see what you love about skiing in NM. Maybe it’s the blue skies, a particular vista, your preferred ski area, or a special après-ski destination. Use those cameras to make a video featuring your favorite thing about skiing in New Mexico.

Share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and be sure tag them with #SkiNewMexico. We’ll even feature our favorites right here on our blog.

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