Skiing In New Mexico - A Family Tradition

November 25, 2014 | By: Monica Christofferson

Skiing in New Mexico is all about connections. Connections to family, to friends, and to the special places that create such warm memories year after year.

Whether you’re visiting from another state or live just a short drive away, there’s something truly magical about these unique winter destinations that keep people returning to rediscover the joy.

Donna Hirschhauser and her family have been visiting Sipapu for 17 years, making the 16-hour trek from South Texas to Northern New Mexico every spring break since her now-grown kids were in grade school. The Hirschhausers fell in love with the cozy, family-friendly slopes at Sipapu where they never worried about being swept up in excessive hustle and bustle.

“When the boys were younger, I could always get to them – or spy them doing something they shouldn’t – from almost anywhere on the mountain,” Hirschhuaser said. “Now that they’re in their 20s, they’re a little tougher to catch up to, but we all still love how relaxed it is on the slopes. The lift lines are short, it’s easy to find friends and family, and our lodging is just a short walk away which gives you the freedom to do what you want with your day.”

The Hirschhuasers’ spring break stories even inspired other families from their hometown in Inez, Texas to join them on their annual trip to New Mexico, adding to the special experience for Donna and her family.

“Sipapu has been our winter home every year for 17 years and we’ve been happy to share it with our friends,” she said. “Cooking meals at our rooms, playing games until we can no longer keep our eyes open – it’s just a great family adventure and will always have a warm place in our hearts.”

For New Mexicans, there’s even more opportunities to enjoy their favorite locations.

Albuquerque resident Sara Bonnell has been skiing in New Mexico since she could walk and now hits the slopes with her young family (two children, ages, 7, and 9) several times throughout the season. Bonnell and her husband have skied in neighboring states, but between the ease of travel, small crowds, and outstanding conditions, she said her home state is a clear winner.

“We’ve skied all over, but the challenging terrain at Taos Ski Valley is definitely our favorite,” Bonnell said. “Our kids love the ski school and we can’t get enough of the great food. We may not have to travel far to get there, but every trip we make is something special for our family.”

That’s what skiing in the Land of Enchantment is all about. Moments of joy, wonder, and togetherness, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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