Skiing Into Springtime

February 27, 2017 | By: Kent Wilhelmi

While the temperatures in the city may be hitting the 60’s this week, minds may begin drifting towards that mountain bike in the garage, or those golf clubs in the corner. While these are noble endeavors to consider, ski season is far from over here in New Mexico, and our ski areas and resorts are all enjoying an awesome, above-average snowpack. Here are just a handful of reasons to keep your gear tuned-up and your eyes on the mountains:

Great Snowpack

According to the National Weather Service in Albuquerque, all of our northern mountain basins are at normal, or above normal levels. What does this mean for skiing? It means we still have terrific conditions in the high country, and we expect them to last through the end of the season. Check out the Albuquerque Journal’s article here, to learn more.

Your Goggle Tan Could Be Awesome

Our perfect blue skies and slightly higher temperatures are just two of the necessary ingredients towards perfecting your spring goggle tan. A high-SPF sunscreen also comes highly recommended, not to mention that March is the perfect month to go deal-shopping for a fresh pair of lenses at any one of our local outdoor retailers.

The Parties Become Legendary

Because you can’t have spring without Spring Break, our mountain towns and resorts start scheduling some of their rowdiest events right around this time of year. Check out Skiesta at Pajarito Mountain on March 18th, or Sipapu’s 13th Annual Pond Skimming Contest on the same day. Further north, at Red River – pretty much the entire month of March is earmarked for parties, fireworks, and torchlight parades.

Good Vibrations

There is something wonderfully indescribable about skiing in warmer weather around this time of year. It’s a combination of the softer snow underfoot, the lighter layers against your skin, and perhaps the sheer ridiculousness of it all. To embellish, we here at Ski New Mexico highly recommend digging out that neon one-piece snowsuit from the depths of your garage. Because nothing says “Springtime!” like a vintage onesie on the slopes (and we guarantee, your enthusiasm for the season will become infectious).

Snow is Still Piling Up

Finally, let’s not neglect to comment about a particularly powerful storm that is coming straight for our northern mountains today and tomorrow. Check out the snow totals throughout the week – we’re about to get buried – again!

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