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February 20, 2019 | By: Kelsie Stelting

A highlight of my winter was taking my family on vacation to Red River, New Mexico. My husband and I were eager to snowboard, for our son to try skiing for the first time, and to have a little bonding with our one-year-old! One of our favorite parts of the entire trip was going tubing! Here are a few reasons why you should try it too:

1. The entire family can get involved

Trying to plan activities for people of all ages can be difficult, but I’m happy to say we managed it with tubing. We bundled up the children, went to the mountain, and rented a couple of tubes. While my husband or I held the one-year-old, the other one went down the hill with the four-year-old! It was a perfect time for all of us to be out and about.

2. Tubing could be a more economical option

Let’s be honest: taking a family of four (or more) skiing can get pricey. If you’re wanting to get on the slopes but aren’t ready to pay for lift tickets, rentals, lessons, and more, tubing is a great alternative. At Red River, it only costs $20 to rent a tube, and you can share it with the entire crew!

3. Less time commitment

At Red River, tubing sessions last an hour. It was simple to feed the children, load them up, get on the slopes, have some fun, and then head to other events. (We decided to watch the Torchlight Parade right afterward!)

4. It’s fun!

Like I mentioned earlier, tubing was so much fun, for all of us. Our four-year-old happily told his grandparents about tubing (“not sledding”) afterward and what a great time he had.

If you’re looking for an activity the entire family can enjoy for minimal expense, try renting a tube and watch just how much fun you’ll have!

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