How to Simplify Your Ski Trip

January 10, 2019 | By: Monica Christofferson

There’s a reason why people say they need a day or two to unwind from vacation. Going on a trip with (or without) family can be a stressful experience. Luckily, modern technology and careful planning can simplify your vacation and make it more enjoyable for everyone involved! Here are our top 10 tips to simplify and enjoy your time on the mountain.

Book ahead of time

Uncomplicating your vacation starts before you ever leave the house. Instead of winging it when you arrive at your destination, book your lift tickets, lessons, childcare, rentals, and other services ahead of time. This will save you so much time waiting in line and making decisions while you could be enjoying your time on the slopes.

Get your rentals delivered

Many vendors, like Sitzmark Sports and Lodge in Red River, are now delivering ski rentals. This can be especially helpful for families, so do you don’t have to load up the entire group, just to pick up skis and snowboards. Look into options before your trip and see what is available!

Try out demos

Save the hassle of packing your skis and boards and driving them all the way from home. Instead, try out the latest demo gear right on the mountain. You might just find a something new you can’t live without!

Plan for food delivery

Grocery pickup and delivery has been a life-changer. Skip the trip to the grocery store or restaurant after a long day, and have the items you need delivered. Bonus, this could save you the necessity of getting a rental car or hauling groceries on public transit if you’re in a more urban area.

Pack snacks

Want to avoid a toddler meltdown, or (let’s face it) a hangry fight on the mountain? Put some of that food you just had delivered into a zip lock bag and bring it with you! Don’t worry, if you forget, New Mexico resorts have great dining options nearby.

Take the shuttle

If you’ve flown in on Taos Air or just want to leave the car at the hotel, take the local shuttle to the lifts. This can save the headache of using a rental vehicle or taking to the roads after a snowstorm. Plus, local transit is usually set up to accommodate skis and boards much better than your vehicle!

Make meetups easier

Use the technology you have to simplify meetups. Set alarms and share location pins to make finding each other and staying in touch simpler. (Remember to keep your tech close to your body so it stays warm enough and to have it in a waterproof case.)

Use on-site childcare

Many New Mexico ski areas have a childcare center with trained staff to watch your littles. Spend some time just the two of you, knowing your children are well taken care of.

Take lessons

Enrolling in lessons, even if you’re more experienced, can be a great way to improve your time. Not only will you see improvement, you’ll generally have quicker access to the lifts! Putting your children in ski school is a great way to make sure they’re taken care of while you and your partner enjoy the slopes, child-free.

Stay at the lodge

One of the best things you can do to spend more time skiing and less time driving is to stay right on site. Oftentimes, you can save on your trip by booking a package with rentals, lessons, and lift tickets before you go!


We can’t wait to see you on your next trip to New Mexico. What are your best tips for simplifying your ski trip? Comment below and let us know!

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