An Angel Fire Tradition Like No Other: The Shovel Racing Championships

January 26, 2015 | By: Monica Christofferson

It started innocently enough. One day, workers at the Angel Fire Resort discovered that they could move more quickly from one spot on the slopes to another if they stopped carrying their large snow shovels and started riding them instead.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the competitive juices to kick in and by the 1970s organized shovel races were happening regularly at this picturesque Northern New Mexico ski area. Soon, more and more contestants were showing up to try their hand at this unique winter sport and the Shovel Racing World Championships were born.

This year’s event takes place Feb. 6-7 and is open to competitors of all levels and ages. The technique is simple — place your hindquarters in a standard, unmodified steel shovel, grab the handle, and then tear down the mountain as fast as you can. Whoever posts the best time from start to finish is the Shovel Racing World Champion!

With seven different categories based on age, gender, and skill level, plus a low registration fee, there’s room for all comers. Cash prizes and annual bragging rights add extra juice to this exciting winter tradition.

For those that just want to watch the action – admission is free!

Visit the Angel Fire Resort website for complete information and rules about the 2015 Shovel Racing World Championships.

Visitors to Angel Fire will find plenty of family friendly fun before and after the races. In addition to excellent skiing and snowboard, the resort offers tubing, sledding, scenic chair rides to the 10,677-foot mountain peak. There’s also snowmobiling, ice fishing, and sleigh ride opportunities nearby.

Back in town, the village has an array of charming and eclectic boutique shops all within an easy stroll of each other. When you’re ready to eat, there’s no shortage of proud local restaurants serving everything from fine dining to cafes, bakeries, and coffee shops. There’s also great microbreweries and lively places to grab a drink and share some laughs at the end of the day.

Make plans to visit Angel Fire this winter for a great time on the mountain and off.

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