About Us

What Is Ski New Mexico?

Ski New Mexico is a not-for-profit trade organization founded in 1979 whose mission is to promote the ski industry of New Mexico within and outside the state. Our objective is to increase year-round visitation to the ski and mountain areas of New Mexico through marketing and promotional strategies.

Our membership represents resorts, lodging, transportation, retail, restaurants, and other snow or mountain sport services. We foster high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in the operation and promotion of New Mexico’s ski areas with the goal of maintaining the industry’s good faith spirit of competition and high level of consumer credibility.

Mission Statement

Ski New Mexico shall organize, direct, and implement, a vision and strategy for cooperation, professionalism, and a high standard of ethics, for the betterment and advancement of the ski industry in the State of New Mexico.  Winter tourism is vital to the economy of the State of New Mexico.  The primary objective of Ski New Mexico along with parties of interest is to increase winter visitation to the “Land of Enchantment” through marketing and promotional strategies. Ski New Mexico shall also shape political policy and public opinion as it relates to the ski industry of New Mexico.

Ski New Mexico is a private non-profit trade association founded in 1973 to help create a legislative, economic and social environment in which the state’s ski industry can grow and prosper, addressing issues including environmental integrity, economic and social contributions to the state’s welfare, and competitive positioning of the state as a destination for winter tourism. Ski New Mexico serves its 8 Alpine and 3 Nordic member resorts in three major areas: Governmental Affairs, Marketing and Public Affairs.

Governmental Affairs

The Executive Director of Ski New Mexico will continuously monitors all legislative and regulatory activities which have a potential impact on the ski industry. Ski New Mexico will work with legislators, government leaders and other business coalitions in developing positions on key public issues.


Ski New Mexico’s marketing program is designed to promote New Mexico as a winter tourism destination, and support marketing/promotional public relations efforts conducted by individual Ski New Mexico member resorts. Working closely with the New Mexico Tourism Department, some of the primary tactics include advertising, PR and media relations, direct response, promotions/partnerships, collateral, fulfillment, consumer shows, travel trade/sales missions, special events and research.

Public Affairs

Ski New Mexico has developed a comprehensive public affairs program designed to reinforce the ski industry’s position with the state of New Mexico as a leader in balancing environmentally-responsible activities and job growth. Some key areas of focus include public relations, in-state press, media tours, learn a winter sports program, and other ski related promotions.

Ski New Mexico shall promote the ski industry in the state of New Mexico to the world as a first class ski destination

Board of Directors

Michael DonovanChairman
Robin MayVic-Chairman
George WoerndleSecretary
Judy CullisonTreasurer
Benny AbruzzoSki Santa Fe
Ben AbruzzoSandia Peak Ski Area
Dash HegemanTaos Ski Valley
Tania ArmentaACVB
Pat SanchezWells Fargo
Walt FollyRed River Ski Area
Jill LaneAnderson/Abruzzo Balloon Museum
Tom LongPajarito Mountain
Tommy LongPajarito Mountain
Ken MarlattSki Apache
Scott PriceSipapu Ski & Summer Resort
Jordan Guenther City of Santa Fe
 John Garcia Homebuilders of Central NM
George BrooksExecutive Director