5 of Our Favorite Bump Runs in NM

January 23, 2017 | By: Kent Wilhelmi
They occur naturally across the state, with each turn against the same fall line. Some are groomed to death by machinery, while others are left to bloom across the piste. Experts are entreated, and intermediates are thwarted. Mogul skiing in New Mexico is a legendary right of passage (or punking) for all skiers and riders, and here are some of our favorites.

The Fab Four

Pajarito Mountain

Actually comprising 4 runs off the Mother chair (Nuther Mother, Sidewinder, Breathless, and Precious), the Fab are also known as Pajarito’s Fearsome Four. Unrelentingly steep, and peppered with the kind of Volkswagon-sized moguls that your parents still lament, the Fab are where real New Mexico skiers are made (sometimes, into quivering mounds of snow pudding).

Bumps R Us

Red River Ski & Summer Area

Tucked away from the action of Red River’s base-area cruisers and steeps, Bumps R Us hulks quietly beneath the Silver Chair liftline, where screaming thighs, double-daffys, and high-fives are mandatory. It’s short, sweet, and ultimately lapable.


Ski Santa Fe

While locals may be content in the knowledge that hits along Wizard and Pope Snows serve up more variety, it is Roadrunner (directly beneath the Tesuque Peak chair) that serves up more memorable exhibitionism. The run develops an interesting slant about halfway down, which further challenges riders (or entreats them to exit, stage left – to Fall Line, which is every bit as bumpy).

Nice Day

Angel Fire Resort

When I was younger, like so many other naive skiers, I used to wonder “where Angel Fire puts the bumps in the springtime,” because they’re that perfect. Nice Day compliments the fall line beautifully, and Volkwagon (and Volvo)-sized bumps abound. A very nice pairing with any of the steeps on Angel Fire’s backside.

Al’s Run

Taos Ski Valley

We thought to perhaps laud another of the many famed mogul marvels at TSV, but we felt that this list could not possibly be complete without the inclusion of Al’s. Every visitor’s gaze is immediately drawn to this one by default, as it serves as the lone arbiter of things to come as you take your first chairlift ride of the day to mid-mountain. Unforgettable, indelible, and iconic as any in North America.

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